Our mission is to empower L&D professionals 

We are a consortium of like-mined L&D Professionals who learn together. We meet monthly, partake in a library of courses and chat as if we've  stopped by each other's  office . These personal connections,  in depth look at relevant topics, live discussions and workshop-style courses make the consortium a valuable tool in your efforts to upskill yourself and your  L&D team and keep them ahead of the learning curve. 
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We help you fuel your personal development by offering 

Engaging Month Sessions

Each month there is an opportunity to discover new technologies, interesting leaders in our field or dive in depth into hot topics. 

On-Demand Workshops

L&D Mentor Academy has an entire library of on-demand sessions that cover topics ranging from microlearning to performance consulting.

Meet Movers and Shakers

Our vibrant community includes leaders from the life science industry, Fortune 500 companies, academia and independent consultants. 

Build Your Career

Our members have spoken in panel sessions at conferences, written articles for trade publications and are continually working to lift themselves and other members to the next level.  

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Don't loose the opportunity to become happier, more effient and more effective in your daily professional life
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