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    What is the L&D Mentor Academy?

    The Learning & Development Mentor Academy is a mentoring, coaching and
    development group designed for seasoned Learning & Development professionals.
    Hosted by learning industry expert Dr. Karl Kapp.

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    How Does the L&D Mentor Academy Work?

    Academy members learn, grow and gain a competitive advantage together through three unique aspects of the program.

    When you are accepted into the L&D Mentor Academy, you immediately gain access to a library of on-demand, self paced workshops providing both cutting edge content and evergreen topics. Solid information for your next career steps.

    You also gain an exclusive access to monthly webinar hosted by Dr. Karl Kapp. The live webinars feature hot topics in the field approached from a practical, thoughtful and evidence-based approach. Learn the real benefits or pitfalls of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and Microlearning.

    Additionally, L&D Mentor Academy members will be able to freely exchange ideas, concepts, and questions in the on-ongoing forum section of the member site. This means that members can gain insights into what others are doing in different industries, learn from peers, and share best practices. 

    The Academy uses a small group, intimate approach to take an in depth look at topics. With live discussions, and workshop-style on-demand courses, it is a valuable tool to help you up skill, stay ahead of the curve, and gain a competitive advantage for yourself and your organization.
    On-Demand Workshops
    Knowledge at your Finger Tips

    Access to a library of on-demand workshops complete with a workbook, and personal learning objectives. Includes targeted, impactful lessons that provide the knowledge, information, and wisdom you need to succeed.

    Monthly Live Sessions
    Keep up-to-Date

    Each month a live session hosted by Dr. Karl Kapp will dive deeply into the most pressing L&D issues. You'll explore the latest technological trends, instructional design approaches and research studies to help you determine the best L&D approaches for your organization.

    Community Forum
    Learn from Peers

    As a member of the L&D Academy, you'll have an opportunity to participate in a lively forum where you can ask and answer questions, exchange ideas and concepts and learn from the best practices of other member of the L&D Mentor Academy.

    "With L&D Mentor Academy I feel that I am just hanging out with Dr. Kapp. The sessions don't feel like classes as much as they feel like get-together. He's a master of his craft and his knowledge. He did a fantastic job making these theories and techniques approachable and palatable. At no point did I feel like I was lost, overwhelmed, or confused. Plus I always knew he'd help me out. Thanks so much!"
    -L&D Academy Member

    What Makes L&D Mentor Academy Unique?

    ATD Recertification

    Online Workshops are  pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute. These on-demand workshops can be used towards initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials.

    Designed for "Seasoned" Professionals

    The L&D Mentor Academy is designed specifically for folks who have had a few years of experience and who are interested in taking the next step in their professional development. Experienced professionals have different learning needs than individuals who are new to the field of L&D.

    Experience Guided by L&D Expert Karl Kapp, Ed.D.

    Only learning academy designed, developed and delivered by Dr. Karl Kapp. His experience mentoring, guiding and coaching others and his knowledge of instructional design is a unique aspect of this program clearly setting it apart.

    Bloomsburg University
    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)  

    Each online, self-paced workshop is eligible for  Continuing Education Units (CEU) issued by Bloomsburg University.  A CEU provides a permanent record of your educational accomplishment achieved in a non-credit educational experience and provides a quality indicator for these programs.

    Pennsylvania Companies May Be Eligible for Reimbursement

    Created in 1999 by Pennsylvania, the WEDnet program provides  businesses a competitive edge by offering  qualified employers reimbursement for training new and existing employees. This training program allows companies to stay competitive while keeping employee skills current and relevant.

         Click here to learn more about WEDnetPA

     Created in 1999 by Pennsylvania, the WEDnet program provides  businesses a competitive edge by offering  qualified employers reimbursement for training new and existing employees. This training program allows companies to stay competitive while keeping employee skills current and relevant.

    (investment in yourself and your team)


    $1750/ Per year
    If you want to invest on your own in the L&D Academy, this is for you.

    Receive all available on-demand workshops, access to the live monthly webinars. office hours, and access to the on-going member forum area for 12 months.

    Enterprise Basic

    $15,000/ Per year
    If you are a learning leader who wants to up scale your team, this is for you and your team.

    Organizations can invest for up to 15 members at this price.

    Members of the team receive all available on demand workshops, access to the live monthly webinars and office hours as well as access to the on-going member forum area for 12 months.

    Enterprise Premium

    $25,000 /Per year
    If you want personalized consulting and exclusive sessions for your L&D team with Dr. Kapp, this is for you.

    Organizations can invest for up to 50 members at this price.

    Organizations receives one live customized on-line workshop.

    Up to 5 hours a month of consulting on L&D issues. 

    Members receive all available on-demand workshops, access to the live monthly webinars and access to the on-going member forum area for 12 months.

    On-Demand Workshops

    Learn about using a Fishbone Diagram to diagnosis performance problems in the Performance Consulting workshop. 

    Through the on-demand content, Karl shares his knowledge in a casual, informative and relatable style. 

    It's as if you stopped by his office to have a chat. 

    Click on image to see a short video lesson. 

    What to see more samples? Click Here
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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the benefits of joining the L&D Mentor Academy?

    L&D professionals spend their career helping others learn and achieve desired organizational goals. Ironically, many L&D professionals don't take the time to grow their own skill set. To be successful, L&D professionals must stay up-to-date on the latest technology, emerging learning science trends and ensure what they deliver is having an impact on an organization.

    The benefits from the L&D Mentor Academy include:
    • Learning tips to increase your effectiveness at your job
    • Discovering new techniques for advancing your career
    • Remaining up-to-date on the latest in the L&D industry
    • Learning from peers
    • Increasing your L&D network
    • Reinforcing and reviewing critical L&D knowledge
    • Learning evidence-based techniques for delivering effective instruction

    Why do I have to apply to be a member of the L&D Mentor Academy?

    The application process accomplishes three goals.

    First, an application ensures a person or organization is serious about expanding their skills, contributing to the Academy and committed to making a difference. Many people will not move past the application stage and that helps self-select motivated individuals.

    Second, the content, approach and knowledge shared is geared toward more experienced individuals (3+ years L&D experience). Newer folks can benefit but the most benefit comes from people who have had a few year within the field. We want to ensure that each applicant is able to both contribute and learn from the community.

    Third, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the application helps ensure the right fit. We (and you) want to know that the money you invest is aligned with the goals you are seeking. We do not want to offer a program to someone who then, later, finds it did not align to their goals. The application helps create an alignment, we see if your goals align with the program goals, if it aligns, then it works for everyone. If it doesn't align, we have squandered time and money which is something we don't want to do. 

    Can I see a sample lesson? How are the on-demand workshops created? 

    FAQ 3 Yes, simply scroll down the page and you will see a sample from the online workshop, "How to Become a Performance Consultant." Or CLICK HERE to see more samples.

    All lessons, online workshops, and live sessions are designed by Dr. Karl Kapp who has a Doctoral degree in instructional technology. The instructional material begins with a careful examination of learning needs, the creation of measurable learning objectives and the careful design of instruction and evaluation. The content on this site is designed using proven instructional design methodology. 

    What types of topics are covered in the monthly live sessions?

    Here is an example of some of the topics that are covered:

    - The Year Ahead in L&D (usually a January topic)
    - Games and Gamification for Learning
    - Learning Analytics, Evaluation and Data
    - Cool Tool: Exploring a Cool New L&D Tool
     - AR, VR, XR and Beyond
    - Implementing and Managing Change in L&D
    - Instructional Strategies to Make a Difference
    - Learning as a Competitive Advantage
    - Justifying and Defending L&D Costs
    - Learning Leadership
    - From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design
    - Year in Review (usually a December topic)

    These topics change as the L&D Academy members have direct input into what topics are covered and we remain flexible as to what critical issues the community would like to see discussed.

    How much does it cost?

    The L&D Mentor Academy costs less than a typical conference (which only lasts a few days).

    The L&D Mentor Academy is similar in pricing but lasts for an entire year and expands your learning opportunities in terms of community, on-demand workshops and monthly learning sessions. 

    There are three pricing options:

    • An individual can join for $1,750 for a year and gain tremendous benefits from being associated with the Academy.

    • A Learning and Development Team from an organization can join at the Enterprise Basic level for $15,000 which includes up to 10 members of the team. Team memberships are great ways to keep the conversation going and to up the skill level of an entire organization.

    • The Enterprise Premium level are for select organizations that desire more customized and target instructional interventions than the basic level. This level includes a customized online workshop and consulting hours to provide insights into an organizations' specific needs. The investment is $25,000. 

    Why do you say "seasoned professionals"? Is this not good for someone just starting out?

    Much of the instruction, discussions and advice of the L&D Mentor Academy is aimed at folks who have some knowledge of instructional design or learning experience design. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to gain the full benefit of being an Academy member.

    We recommend that applicants to the program have at least three (3) years of L&D experience. This way they know if the field is right for them, where their strengths and weaknesses lie and where they would like to go next.

    Having some experience provides you with insights into what skills and capabilities you'd like to build through the Academy. 

    The "seasoned professional" requirement also ensures that the questions asked are targeted toward a more experienced group.

    Can an individual join or does it have to be a team from a company? 

    The L&D Mentor Academy is open to both individual memberships and group memberships. Please indicate which type of membership you are interested in when you email us using the contact form below.

    What topics are in the on-demand workshop library? 

    The library of on-demand workshops expands every year. All the workshops are available to any individual or group member. Each workshop includes workbooks to accompany the content and online knowledge checks and/or activities.

    The current library of on-demand workshops include (stayed tuned, it is constantly growing):

    • Designing Effective Microlearning
    • Designing an Engaging Virtual Classroom Experience
    • A Learning Leader's Guide to Innovation
    • How to Become a Performance Consultant
    • Measuring the Effectiveness of Training
    • An Evidenced-based Guide to Creating Instruction
    • Using Game Elements to Create Engaging Instruction

    Can't I just attend the typical industry L&D Conferences and gain the same information? 

    Ahh, not really. Conferences can be of great value to an individual and teams. They are a good way to provide a breadth of information in a condensed period of time.

    However, for long term, focused career growth, conferences have some shortcomings the the L&D Mentor Academy has been designed to overcome.

    • Conferences are a one-time event so it's only one chance for learning. When the conference is over, it's over.
    • Conferences typically provide a broad offering of content but don't go into any depth on a particular topic.
    • Conference presentations are submitted months in advance. They often are not able to reflect the latest thinking.
    • Conferences are often focused on more basic topics and subjects
    • Conference sessions are hit or miss.
    • Conferences don't have built-in systems for asking questions throughout the year or peer to peer online tools.

    How would this benefit my entire L&D team as opposed to just me joining?

    Team membership means a chance to bounce ideas around with fellow co-workers, it means a chance to discuss and consider topics, subjects and ideas presented in both the monthly sessions and on-demand workshops, it means that the group builds a common foundation of terms, approaches and methods. A common approach helps minimize mis-communications, helps to maximize productivity and promote a culture of learning and growth among the L&D group

    What kind of companies are members?

    Well, I can't divulge actual names of the companies to which members belong or companies that have joined. However, here are some clues.

    We have a number of members from a large insurance company and you see their commercials on TV all the time but they are lizards, a life science company (large and also owns lots of food products),  a telecommunications company, two prominent academic institutions, a non-profit and a logistics company to just name a few organizations from which our members hail. 

    We have corporate members, we have individual members, we welcome new members and are always looking to grow. 

    Who is Dr. Karl Kapp? 

    Dr. Kapp has been within the L&D industry since 1990 mentoring, teaching and studying the field. He is a graduate professor teaching instructional design, he has written 8 books and 10 LinkedIn Learning Courses, he has mentored thousands of students and is an award winning professional. He has received (among other awards) the ATD Distinguished Contribution to Talent Development Award in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field which have had a sustained impact on the talent development field.
    He has been an advisor to federal intelligence agencies, been a co-principle investigator on National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, an international keynote speaker and the founder and advisor to several learning technology start ups. 
    His passion is to help others learn, grow and achieve their goals.  FAQ 1 description
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